DJ Shadow Scale it Back

Had a tough day? Crack open a cold one, pull up a chair and get this new tune from on your stereo. Featuring the vocal talents of Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano this blissful collection of beats and lyrics feels like the waves of a hard day being washed out to sea on a summer’s eve. It’s full of the warmth of the setting sun as the steady drum beats over the the breezy lyrics that rise and fall over the course of the track.

The is lifted of the recent album The less you know, the better and has been use in that has spawned some amazing off shoots. According to the website over 400 people have submitted mixes and from the ones I’ve heard competition is stiff. All tracks are listed so let me know which one is your favourite and I’ll play them on the show in the coming weeks.

The video continues the same high level awesomeness with it’s quirky card ready who delivers a random tale that may, or may not, go with the music. I can’t see a single edit in the clip, which means directors Casey Raymond and Ewan James Morris would have shot this number in a single swoop. Another feat of greatness for the man who deplores musical buffoonery, Mr DJ Shadow.

The single Scale it Back is available now through his , iTunes and even real life shops!

Little Comets

Newcastle’s Indie rockers, are back with a new tune, Worry. If you’ve not heard of them yet they’d sit alongside, Vampire Weekend and Jinja Safari in your record collection. Upbeat, roots music, bob along an ocean of melodies with lyrics that surface like coral cays, brightly lit and full of life.

Sony Music have their releases scheduled for Australia in the new year so keep your eyes peeled for this British mob as they are soon to be getting a bunch of attention our way. For now enjoy the splendour of the latest Little Comets offering with new single Worry.


It’s fair to say have had a busy few months since the release of their latest single ‘‘. So I was pretty excited when they answered the call to come into Bondi to play a few tracks for us on the Walk of Shame.

The six piece who hail from the desserts of western New South Wales have recently played alongside Husky, Emma Louise & Charlie Mayfair. The immediate future looks just as busy with a host of gigs ahead with Matt Corby, Set Sail and Calling all Cars. Early birds may have even seen them play on Sunrise this weekend as part of the sessions they’re running

Tigertown have been playing together for less than a year but have already amassed a steady live following and picked up many a blog post for their rich melodic tunes and soundscapes woven through the sands of time with tales of honesty and friendship. Their songs evoke an infectious warmth from their genuine love of life. There’s complexity among the layers of melodies and percussion, and honesty within the lyrics, but what shines through strongest is that warmth. In a live environment their music takes on another level as the energy rises and the two families, the six friends, take you on the journey to Tigertown.

Talking openly on the show, the guys shared their thoughts on the pro’s & con’s of being self managed, the plans for the next year and the curious way in the band was formed. It started when family members Charlie, Kurt, Crystal took to the road as their families toured the pubs & clubs of small town Australia. The remaining three joined the gang when Charlie met Chris, a young musician with a rich musical history. This marriage formed the start of Tigertown.

Sydney folk can see Tigertown perform this Thursday 24th November at the Oxford Arts Factory, or head over to the for a list of upcoming shows. Below is a little snippet of what you’ll hear recorded live on for the Walk of Shame this weekend on Bondi FM.

Florence + the Machine

There’s always so much excitement to be had in catching a big band play a small venue and last night’s Florence + the Machine gig at the Seymour centre was no exception.

The show which featured as part of Mastercard’s Priceless Music campaign was a knockout. Looking as elegant as ever and sounding as ethereal as always Miss Welch took the small crowd on musical adventure through the wonderlands of her music. Backed by the full band, featuring dual drummers, that harp, guitars keys and additional backing singers they meandered through songs the new album Ceremonials together with some classics of the debut album Lungs.

Stand out moments came from an awesome rendition of Between two lungs which featured the sublime vocal talents of Welch together with some outstanding drumming from the bassist and the lead drummer. Plus the crowd’s favourite  Shake it out and the masquerade masks that were adorned by all.

The new album, Ceremonials, is outstanding, if you’ve heard it yet then do your soul a favour and submerse yourself in the beauty that is Florence + the Machine. I think this is the fourth time I’ve seen her in Australia and she still gives me goose bumps, still knocks me out with the power of her voice and the glory of the performance.  Much thanks goes out to Mairead and my lovely lady for sorting out the tickets!

For more info on .


Northeast Party House

Northeast Party House are a six piece dance rock band from Melbourne, and truth is, they are amazing! I recently caught them playing at the Bondi Beach Road Hotel and they burst onto the stage with a tsunami of excitement, drenching the crowds with raucous electro and brash rock tunes.  They are, dare I say it, a very English sounding band. There’s a boldness to their music that belies there care free approach to life, the party, and all things fun.

This year has been a busy one for the Northeast Party House team, playing alongside the likes of The Go! Team, Does It Offend You, Yeah? and most recently, Gold Fields, to name but a few. They also found time to drop a debut EP a few months ago and have been building a steady live following around Australia ever since.

Lovers of Bloc Party, The Rapture and INXS (?) get yourselves involved. Summer festivals surely await this high energy, Melbourne offering.  Head to their page for more info or over to to get your little mits on a track or two.


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